March is the most important month of the year for many reasons. Mostly because its my birthday, but also because its the start of spring (looks out of window, sees snow storm!!).. i digress. March is the month when everyone can visualise summer and the thoughts of transformation are at its most powerful. I know this because March is my most busiest month for body contouring treatments.

This March, in support of my social media posts with Pure Elite and working with the lovely Janine in her own journey with us, im going to focus my blogs and direction on how 3D Lipo can benefit the Athlete. Firstly, i would like to start with a brief background on myself (yep, its all about me! i mean did i mention its my birthday soon) ha. Just so i can share some common ground with all you athletes reading this; i have actually competed myself twice too. So i feel your pain…and glory! I competed in 2013 with Miss Galaxy Universe and then again in 2014 with Pure Elite (honest, Stuart and Janine will back me up). I was a personal trainer for many years in my 20’s and now i am in my 30’s i have 2 children and am acheivng helping others transform their bodies within my aesthetics clinic.

So i am no stranger to the “go hard or go home” gym attitude, nor the “abs are made in the kitchen” philosophy. I think in my time i’ve sampled pretty much every pre-workout, fat burner, suppliment … the list is endless. When stepping on stage there is not one single mountain you would’nt climb to get a better condition or to excell your progress. Our Body contouring treatments are no different to this. Ladies, how many of you have stepped on stage with a little more cellulite than you hoped? or could’nt quite get your legs as lean as your upper body? How about loose skin? this was my personal nemisis after stepping on stage so close to having my son. If i knew about these treatments back then i would of had it in a heartbeat. For the guys its usually the chest that can hold excess fat.

These are all areas that can be improved with 3D Lipo. The fat freezing element is brilliant for spot reducing. So having some fat freezing at the begining of your weight cut can help your body to remove fat from the area that you would ordinarily struggle to shift it from. The added bonus with Fat freezing is it removes the fat CELL. so unlike dieting where the fat cell merely deflates, this procedure takes the whole cell away leaving you with permanently less fat cells in that particular area. Winner!

I could literally write on forever! but a blog should be an interesting snippet and not an essay! So i will blog again in a few days with more info on the other technologies of 3D Lipo. I hope you have all watched the facebook live that i did with Pure Elite and be sure to follow Janine’s treatment journey with us.

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