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Bridal Packages

Not only do our bridal packages offer great savings on all your favourite treatments, but they have also been tailor made with your special day in mind. We want you to look and feel your very best for your most photographed occasion and you will be in good hands with us having the most current innovations in non-surgical aesthetics. For the body we have all the 3D Lipo treatments keeping you slim, trim and cellulite free. Especially good for getting rid of unwanted dress bulges! We have celebrity favourite facials including Dermatude, Skinade and RF Skin tightening keeping your skin youthful and wrinkle free - A natural solution to anti-aging and hydrating your skin.

To add to the facial treatments we have our permanent make up expert keeping those brows, lips and eyes looking sharp from the moment you wake up each day. The eyeliner is perfect for smudge free perfection on your big day. Then we have our beauty essentials such as intimate waxing and lashes to keep you perfectly groomed.

Bronze Bridal

  • 2 Areas of Fat Freezing Value £300
  • 6 sessions 45min 3d lipo (of choice) Value £300
  • 60 x Bottles of Skinade Value £200
  • Intimate Wax Value £35

Pay £200 deposit and then 3x £170 per month SAVING YOU £125 (15%)

Silver Bridal

  • 8 Sessions of 1hr 3D Lipo (of choice) Value £540
  • Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Value £265
  • 6 x Dermatude Facials Value £420
  • LVL Lashes Value £49

Pay £250 deposit and then 3 x £255 per month SAVING YOU £254 (20%)

Gold Bridal

  • 20 bottles of Skinade x 6 (120) Value £400
  • 8 x Dermatude Facial Value £490
  • 8 x Sessions of 1hr 3D Lipo Value £540
  • Semi-Permanent brows Value £290
  • Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Value £265
  • LVL Lashes Value £49
  • 4 x Areas of Fat Freezing Value £400

Pay £300 deposit and then 6 x £250 per month SAVING YOU £610 (25 %)

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For additional information on the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 07966 376850.

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