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Wonder Woman Waxing

Wonder Woman Waxing - Flyer

What is wonder woman waxing?

Wonder Woman waxing is a specialist intimate waxing service that offers a professional result with minimum discomfort. Our method is designed to be almost painless and we use a top quality hot wax that removes the hairs with ease. Our “Superhero Zero” is our most popular requested Intimate wax and we never fall short in delivering exactly that. No having to finish off the job at home where other waxers leave hairs behind.

How Do I book?

Booking is easy, you can find us on facebook as "wonder woman waxing" (feel free to read our reviews too) or call us to book direct on 07966376850. You can also book you future appointments well in advance within the salon


We do need a bit of growth ladies to be able to get a good wax. Don't fear too much as we are not talking super long!, but as a good guide a minimum of 3 weeks post shaving and 4 weeks post waxing is ideal. Exfoliation is the key to ingrowing hair prevention and ensuring a lasting smooth finish. Dry body brushing is excellent for this and should be done before and in between appointments.

On The Day

Be relaxed! We are very welcoming and professional. We do ask for you to remove your underwear with intimate waxing to enable us to get a clean, professional finish (plus would you keep your socks on for a pedicure?) We ask that you avoid moisturising the area on the day of waxing and to also be mindful of clothing as we use an after wax oil which could stain certain materials.

Finally, intimate waxing is not recommending family viewing so please arrange the necessary child care in preparation for your wax.


24-48hrs After:

  • Avoid exposure to sun
  • Avoid sunbeds and tanning
  • Avoid deodorant and strong perfumes
  • Avoid excess sweating
  • Avoid swimming and saunas
  • Avoid invasive facial treatments (after facial waxing)
  • DO... Enjoy your silky snooth wax
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To book your appointment, call Mel on 07966 376850

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For additional information on the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 07966 376850.

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